Fun ‘n Pastel buttons only at! ✨🚬✨


Fun ‘n Pastel buttons only at! ✨🚬✨


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Véronique Buist | on Tumblr (b.1987, Canada/France) - L’imposture (2013-2014)

After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual and Media Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM), creation has always been a starting point for Véronique Buist to realize various projects. Being involved in different backgrounds such as graphic design, publishing, cinema and event design, her interest for all art forms had quickly turned into a multidisciplinary tool. Since her graduation, the artist completed several exhibitions, solo and collective, in addition to managing artistic events. Born in Montreal, the artist currently work and live in Paris. She reinterpret everyday rituals and try to make them more delightful and intelligent using illustration, photography, collage and writing.

In L’Imposture series, photographs whose context is unknown are trafficked through painting, drawing, cutting and embroidery. This gesture is a personal and subjective translation of the collected images. By modifying the memories of others, all notions of interpretation, memory and time effects are challenged. This impostor role brings out new stories by generating a different point of view of the same situation.

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[lil star thingy] (idk if thatts describing blog aes or personal aes but my pix of me r tagged #gpoy+time)


a pastel themed spice girls group with cute fluffy skirts and little hearts in their hair


Super edgy pastel graphics telling you how not to be an asshole!


"are you a boy or a girl?"




David Bowie Revolver (2014)

Illustrations by Seth Nicholas Johnson.

My love of David Bowie began at fifteen years of age when my best friend, Russell Scott, introduced me to a treasure trove of music, books, and movies.

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Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby (1990).

Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby (1990).


Sparkly Star Hair Clip - $13.00
"I didn’t ever really talk until I started hanging out in ‘80 or ‘81 with the drag queens at the Metropolis [or Met, a gay new wave club] in Portland. I was very, very quiet. So much so that at one point when I was very young I was diagnosed as a probable autistic. And then I started hanging around with bitchy drag queens and with [my friends] Ursula and Robin, and they basically raised me. I found my inner bitch and I ran with her."
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